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How does IPL work?

The GoSmooth IPL devices send pulses of light to the skin
and are absorbed by the melanin in the hair. The heat in
the melanin is transferred to the hair follicle. This heat
causes the hair follicle to enter a resting phase where
hair growth is prevented.

What hair and skin types can use IPL?

View below which hair and skin types can use IPL hair removal


Quick treatments.
Fast results.

Can be used on all parts of the body

Effective on appropriate hair and skin types

At-home use

Fast visible results

Why should I choose IPL hair removal over traditional hair removal methods?

Many people experience pain and irritation from traditional methods such as shaving. By using IPL you can avoid this pain and irritation. With IPL, the hair follicle is damaged and hair growth enters a resting phase. In this phase, you only need to shave a few times before you only need to keep up with a weekly IPL home treatment.

No more irritation.
Say goodbye to sensitive skin

Healthier skin.
Keep your skin healthy with IPL

Lasting results.
Experience long-lasting results

Smoother skin.
Enjoy smooth skin

The reason why you should remove hair before using IPL.

It is necessary to shave before starting your IPL treatment. The flashes of light cannot reach the hair follicles if the hair is not removed.

Enjoy long-lasting results with IPL. Experience the first visible results within 5 weeks.

Customers experience 50% less hair growth within the first 5 weeks.

50%Hair growth reduction

After just 5 treatments, our clients experience an average of 50% less hair growth. Customers indicate
that they no longer need to shave some areas and that hair growth in other areas is significantly reduced.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend using the GoSmooth IPL device once a week. This applies to both the GoSmooth IPL Classic and the GoSmooth IPL Pro.

Yes, the GoSmooth IPL devices can be used on any body part where there is hair growth (including bikini line & female genitals).

For all skin types, we recommend starting on setting one. If your skin responds well to the treatment you can then increase the setting by one setting each week. If the skin still feels sore 5 hours after the treatment, we recommend decreasing the setting the next treatment. If you have tinted skin, we recommend building up the setting more slowly and being extra alert to sensitivity. Too high a setting can burn your skin faster. If you have dark skin we do not recommend using our device.

Yes absolutely! The GoSmooth IPL devices can be used on any body part including the bikini line and female genitals.

Yes, it is necessary to remove your hair before starting and IPL treatment. We recommend shaving 12 to 24 hours before a treatment. The IPL flashes can then best reach the hair follicles. If the hair is not removed, the light flashes cannot reach the hair follicle.