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GoSmooth IPL Kit Pro

De GoSmooth IPL Pro met 1.000.000 flitsen en 10 standen helpt bij het ontharen van ieder lichaamsdeel. De complete kit bevat een scheermes, een beschermende zonnebril en de GoSmooth Aloe Vera Gel. Met behulp van een groter flitsvenster en krachtigere flitsen is de IPL behandeling bijna twee keer sneller dan bij het GoSmooth Classic model.

De GoSmooth IPL Pro bevat een automatische flitsstand en groot display scherm met belangrijke informatie. Het UV-filter en de huidsensor zorgen voor een veilig gebruik, waardoor je dit prima zelf thuis kunt doen.



10 Power Settings

Energy Level 7.0 J/cm²

Flash Window Area 420 mm²

Wavelength max 1200 nm

1.000.000 Flashes

Automatic Flash Mode

Speed: 1 Flash per second

1 Year Warranty

Twice as Strong, Twice as Fast

Are you ready for the ultimate IPL device? You guys wanted more of our IPL devices, and we listened! The GoSmooth IPL Pro is now twice as strong in light intensity! This means it's easier to flash those hairs away for good.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend using the GoSmooth IPL device once a week. This applies to both the GoSmooth IPL Classic and the GoSmooth IPL Pro.

Yes, the GoSmooth IPL devices can be used on any body part where there is hair growth (including bikini line & female genitals).

For all skin types, we recommend starting on setting one. If your skin responds well to the treatment you can then increase the setting by one setting each week. If the skin still feels sore 5 hours after the treatment, we recommend decreasing the setting the next treatment. If you have tinted skin, we recommend building up the setting more slowly and being extra alert to sensitivity. Too high a setting can burn your skin faster. If you have dark skin we do not recommend using our device.

Yes absolutely! The GoSmooth IPL devices can be used on any body part including the bikini line and female genitals.

Yes, it is necessary to remove your hair before starting and IPL treatment. We recommend shaving 12 to 24 hours before a treatment. The IPL flashes can then best reach the hair follicles. If the hair is not removed, the light flashes cannot reach the hair follicle.